About Us


Meet Tante's Attic's owner, Cheryl Snelleman.

 Cheryl has two children, 18 and 11 years old, and began her buying and selling career when her oldest was an infant. As a single Mom it was most often used baby toys and clothing that she found herself buying and then re-selling again once they were no longer needed, in order to save costs.

 As time went on and the kids' needs changed, Cheryl found herself gravitating towards collecting both Coca Cola memorabilia and toys she remembered from her childhood. Often this would involve buying lots of items that included many things she didn't actually need in order to get the item she really wanted. It made sense to then re-sell the surplus.

 Cheryl then met her now boyfriend Kevin Bunce, who shared her love for all things "older than themselves" and local history. Together they both moved forward on building up a business doing what they love. Cheryl now not only sells online but also in person, renting out a room for her toys at her boyfriend's antique/vintage furniture and collectibles shop, Forwarder's Antiques.

"One of the best parts of this job," Cheryl says, "is talking with our customers about things they remember from their childhood or maybe their grandparent's house, and seeing their eyes light up with the fond memories. Nostalgia makes everyone feel good and I love sharing that with people."

Currently Tante's Attic / Forwarder's Antiques operates out of downtown Prescott, Ontario where both Cheryl and Kevin reside.